Thibault Doix, B.Sc., Certified Taxonomist

Thibault is a Senior Biologist and a Certified Taxonomist at Sartori with over 20 years of relevant experience in environmental consulting. He specializes in aquatic biomonitoring and has also extensive experience conducting aquatic and terrestrial habitat assessments, identification of potential species a risk presence, and mitigation measures during construction.

Thibault is a certified aquatic invertebrate taxonomist with the Society for Freshwater Science and a certified Project Manager for the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network Protocol. He has worked as the lead taxonomist for several biomonitoring projects across the country with a broad client base including Environment and Climate Change Canada, Parks Canada, environmental consulting firms, and First Nation groups. Thibault has also gained a wealth of experience conducting Pacific salmon stock assessments, migratory bird nest surveys, aquatic wildlife salvages, and has successfully completed the Riparian Area Protection Regulation (RAPR) training program.

Prior to joining Sartori, Thibault worked as a biologist and project manager in France before moving to Vancouver in 2008. He subsequently gained extensive experience providing environmental services as an independent consultant and assisted Sartori on numerous environmental assessments and infrastructure projects as a field biologist and environmental monitor before joining the team in 2020.