Assunta McCullough, B.I.T

Assunta is a Project Biologist at Sartori and a Biologist in Training (B.I.T) with nine years of relevant industry experience. Over the past years, she has focussed on environmental development permitting for residential, commercial, and light industrial developments in the Lower Mainland and throughout the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Additionally, she routinely completes environmental overview assessments, Riparian Areas Protection Regulation assessments, and Water Sustainability Act permitting applications.

Assunta is an experienced liaison between owners, stakeholders, qualified professionals, and municipal environmental coordinators and conducts herself with a high level of professionalism. Assunta’s knowledge and experience with aquatic and terrestrial habitat assessments, identifying potential species at risk habitat, environmental monitoring, wildlife surveying, fish salvaging, erosion, and sediment control (ESC) mitigation, gives her a practical advantage for preparing successful permit applications and prescribing mitigation and monitoring requirements.