Water Survey of Canada’s Cableways Maintenance

Clients: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Years: ongoing since June 2020

Key Personnel: Stephen Sims and Thibault Doix

Project Description: The required maintenance of Water Survey of Canada’s cableways across British Columbia involves some construction activities in and around sensitive aquatic environments, typically including:

  • Maintenance of existing access roads and trails;
  • Moderate vegetation disturbance (brushing, footprint tree removal or danger tree management);
  • Repair or replacement of A-frame structure;
  • Repair, replacement of installation of additional cableway anchors (and support cables); and,
  • Cable replacement. 

Services Provided: Sartori provided the following services:

  • Review of proposed maintenance activities and evaluation of associated risks to ecosystems and species of special management concerns
  • Review of Identification of species and ecosystems at risk potentially present within the cableway footprint
  • Creation of an Environmental Risk Assessment Matrix to assist ECCC in evaluating potentially sensitive wildlife and wildlife habitat for their annual maintenance and repair schedule
  • Preparation of a Construction Environmental Management Plan for typical and specific construction activities in and around sensitive environment
  • On-going assistance to help with decision-making related to scheduling, site access, wildlife management, etc.