Trans Mountain Expansion Project – Remote Main Line Block Valves Electrical Distribution Lines

Client: Kiewit – Western Pacific Enterprises (KWPE)

Years: ongoing since June 2020

Key Personnel: Chris McMillan, Thibault Doix, and Sidney Jules (Skemtsin Environmental)

Project Description: Main-Line Block Valves for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project will be constructed at strategically selected locations to shut off bitumen flow and isolate a section of the new pipeline in case of a suspected or confirmed spill. KWPE is responsible for the design and building of the electrical infrastructure required to power each one of the 26 block valves projected within the British Columbia section of the new pipeline route. As each electrical distribution line alignment generally extends beyond the new pipeline right-of-way, additional environmental assessment, mitigation, and permitting was required.

Services Provided: Sartori provided the following services:

  • Field assessment of valuable ecosystem components 
  • Review of species and ecosystems at risk potentially present within the proposed footprints
  • Drafting of environmental alignment sheets identifying valuable ecosystem component location 
  • Resource-specific mitigation measures to protect identified and potential valuable ecosystem components
  • Construction Environmental Management and Protection Plan
  • Coordination with trans Mountain environmental permitting group