Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel

Client: Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD)

Years: 2018 – Present

Key Personnel: Stephen Sims, McKenzie Lee

Project Description: Sartori is currently the Environmental Auditor (EA) for construction of the Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Project, a GVWD water delivery tunnel designed to meet the long-term needs of the Metro Vancouver region while protecting critical infrastructure from seismic events. The Project comprises a 6.5 m wide, 1.1 KM tunnel excavated by Tunnel Bore Machine (TBM) 30m below Burrard Inlet, between North Vancouver and Burnaby. The tunnel will be lined with precast concrete lining segments encasing three new steel water mains. GVWD will be expanding and redeveloping the existing valve chamber in Second Narrows Park, where the tunnel terminates at the South Shaft.

Services Provided: Sartori’s role includes review of Contractor’s Environmental Protection Plan (and component plans), auditing Project compliance with Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) Port Permit conditions, auditing against the Project Environmental Management Plan, auditing Project approvals/authorizations, providing weekly monitoring site inspections/reports, providing supplementary construction monitoring for sensitive works (e.g., near-stream works), providing insight to the Owner and Project Management Team for environmentally sensitive works, acting as agency representatives, reviewing and approving contractor/subcontractor work plans, and liaising with proponents, governments and First Nations.