Sakwi Creek Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project Operational Environmental Monitoring

Clients: Sakwi Creek Hydro LP/Wind River Power Corporation

Years: 2015 – 2020

Key Personnel: Stephen Sims, Assunta McCullough, Thibault Doix

Project Description: Sakwi Creek Run-of River Hydroelectric Project is a 5.5 megawatt power generation facility located on Sakwi near Agassiz, British Columbia. Sartori was involved with preliminary environmental assessments, construction monitoring and recently completed the 5-year Operational Environmental Monitoring Plan. 

Services Provided: the 5-year OEMP included the following: 

  • Project footprint impact assessment
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Invertebrate drift monitoring
  • Coastal tailed-frog surveys
  • Fry rearing and adult salmon spawning assessment in compensation channels
  • Native revegetation plant survival and invasive species recruitment assessment 
  • Science-based conclusions on the benefits and suitability of compensation
  • Before/AFTER-Control-Impact (BACI) statistical analysis
  • Comparative analysis of monitoring results to baseline conditions