Operations and Maintenance and Water Quality Monitoring

Client: Township of Langley 

Years: 2014 – Present

Key Personnel: Chris Macmillan, Matt Joyce, and Thibault Doix

Project Description: SEI is currently providing environmental consulting services to the Township of Langley (ToL) for their in-stream and capital works programs. The ToL contains a comprehensive list of watersheds that flow through a variety of terrain types (i.e. urban, steep, city and agricultural areas).  Most of the watercourses/water-bodies are salmon- and trout-bearing, and provide sensitive amphibian and other aquatic wildlife habitat. 

Part of the ToL annual program includes: culvert replacements, flow conveyance improvements, habitat enhancement, beaver management, bridge replacements and upgrades and storm-water retention area construction and maintenance. In addition, SEI has been conducting water quality and benthic invertebrate sampling as part of the Adaptive Management Framework (AMF) for Stormwater since 2015.

Services Provided: SEI has provided numerous services to the ToL including:

  • Environmental assessment, 
  • Permitting and approvals for infrastructure maintenance/installation through sensitive aquatic corridors, 
  • Environmental management planning, 
  • In-stream works construction monitoring, 
  • Aquatic habitat compensation design
  • Fish passage improvement design/coordination
  • Riparian habitat restoration
  • Adaptive management planning and implementation
  • Emergency spill response/reporting coordination and,
  • In-stream works training programs.