Monitoring and Adaptive Management Framework for Stormwater

Clients: Various Metro Vancouver municipalities 

Years: 2014 – Present

Key Personnel: Thibault Doix, Assunta McCullough

Project Description: Sartori has been providing environmental consulting services to multiple Metro Vancouver municipalities, including the City of Port Moody, City of Delta and the Township of Langley, to assist with their requirement to monitor and develop an adaptive management framework for assessing watershed health and the effectiveness of Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMPs).

Services Provided: SEI has provided the following services:


  • Sampling event planning and site selection following Metro Vancouver’s Adaptive Management Framework for Stormwater
  • Water quality sampling and 
  • in situ parameter measurements
  • Benthic invertebrate sampling and taxonomic analysis
  • Calculation of the Benthic Index of Biological integrity (B-IBI) 
  • In-stream flow measurements 
  • Water level gauging station installation and maintenance
  • Water quality, benthic communities, and hydrological data analysis
  • Statistical analysis and trend assessment 
  • QA/QC program