Juvenile Cutthroat trout and Coho Salmon.

Permitting & Approvals

Coastal tailed frog.

Coastal tailed frog.

Having an environmental consultant that has a thorough understanding of the environmental regulatory framework is critical for successful and efficient implementation of projects in sensitive environments. Sartori Environmental is well versed in assessing development plans, aiding civil design, and acquiring environmental regulatory approvals for clients in a variety of sectors in an efficient and timely fashion. More applicably, Sartori Environmental has guided environmental legislative approvals at all legislative levels by providing environmental impact assessment, project design input, construction management planning, habitat compensation design, public and First Nations consultation.

We help our clients to develop plans that are designed to conform to guidelines and regulations, making approvals easier. Our experience also helps us to know the best way to present these plans so that the applications are more likely to succeed. We have a proven success at lobbying for site-specific exceptions to broad regulations, by using science-based information to develop mitigations that either meet or in most cases exceed the practical implementation of a standard regulations intent to protect the environment.

Through extensive working experience, Sartori Environmental has gained good rapport with a host of approving officers from applicable regulatory agencies at municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels. Further, Sartori Environmental project managers and field staff strive to be up to date with legislative revisions to ensure timely applicable advice for project design and construction practices.

At its core, Sartori Environmental and its staff pride themselves in aiding sustainable development and sound environmental project design through clear communication with proponents and regulatory agencies, extensive construction experience for all personnel, preparedness for emergency situations, and fostering an open and collaborative working environment for project design and construction, no matter what the current regulatory climate.

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