Environmental Monitoring

Mountain goat monitoring program.

Mountain goat monitoring program.

SES provides a wide array of environmental monitoring services for any type of project. Whether your projects requires permitting or approvals, construction mitigation, or assessments, our qualified professionals are able to provide reliable, cost effective solutions to suit your needs.

Our team of experts are highly experienced at facilitating construction in sensitive environments and have the knowledge to aid you in completing your project in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Our professionals have gained a reputation for developing strong working, collaborative relationships with proponents, construction managers/personnel and regulators. We understand current regulatory climates and are very familiar with compliance requirements from municipal, regional, provincial and federal regulators.

Hydro-acoustic monitoring

Hydro-acoustic monitoring.

Our staff are highly skilled at providing construction related mitigation measures and Best Management Practices (BMP’s) advice. We have extensive experience in construction related monitoring, completing fish and wildlife surveys and salvages, water quality and benthic invertebrate and Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) monitoring. In addition, our professionals are able to provide long term effectiveness monitoring, avian nest monitoring, and acoustic monitoring in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

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