Wildlife Assessments

Mountain Goat monitoring.

Mountain Goat monitoring.

Sartori Environmental is well versed in completing a variety of wildlife assessments. Be it a large or small scale project, our biologists are experts in their fields and can deliver the appropriate program required for your project. Wildlife service’s we are able to provide include:

  • Active Migratory Bird (Songbird) Nesting Surveys
  • Raptor and Heron Nesting Surveys
  • Call playback surveys
  • Ungulate range assessment and classification
  • Wildlife corridor assessment and classification
  • Marine mammal surveys and monitoring
  • Species at Risk habitat assessment and disturbance monitoring
  • Sensitive wildlife features identification and management for development planning
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement identification and design
  • Regulatory agency consultation, permitting, and approvals
Song-bird nest surveys

Song-bird nest surveys.

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