Invasive Species Assessments

Japanese knotweed management plan.

Invasive species management is becoming one of the paramount environmental management issues surrounding both new and existing developments and the long-term success of our important native plant communities. Sartori Environmental has worked with BC Parks, BC Hydro, several municipal governments, private developers, and local stakeholders to develop site-specific material import protocols, and both realistic and cost-effective long-term Invasive Plant Management Plans (IPMP’s).

By working closely with interest groups, Sartori Environmental aims to ensure that current and future development opportunities are undertaken in a manner that, to all extents practical, mitigates the risks and the potential impacts to the surrounding environment by protecting against the incidental import of invasive plants and noxious weeds, and identifying the appropriate mechanisms to effectively inventory, manage, and remediate any potential invasive species occurrences on a long-term basis.

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