Fish and Fish Habitat Assessments

The protection of fish and fish habitat is of paramount importance in any development that occurs in the vicinity of aquatic environments. Sensitive aquatic ecosystems require detailed analysis of fish community, food sources, and species variety, among many other important criteria before, during, and after any construction project to properly understand the potential impacts.

Population Assessments

In BC, where many projects have the potential to impact aquatic systems, fish and fish habitat studies are a vital component of long-term risk mitigation,  identification or fisheries enhancement opportunities and continued protection efforts. At Sartori Environmental, our biologists have a comprehensive working knowledge of multiple fish species and the extensive experience and equipment necessary to develop, implement and complete rigorous scientific studies in locations with difficult access and rapidly changing environmental conditions.

Examples of the fish and fish habitat services we offer include:

  • Reconnaissance-level fisheries assessment
  • Fisheries baseline assessment and long term monitoring
  • Habitat assessment and mapping
  • Invertebrate community assessment
  • Productive capacity assessment
  • Enhancement opportunity identification and design
  • Instream works project design and management
  • Regulatory agency consultation, permitting, and approvals
Population dynamics.

Population dynamics.

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