Environmental Overview Assessments (EOA)

Sartori Environmental provides Environmental Overview Assessments (EOA) for variety of sectors and proponents. The EOA process identifies environmental constraints that may exist on a project. The EOA is a high level assessment phase that identifies existing habitat types and provides an overview to guide you through what may be required from a regulatory and permitting perspective.

Aquatic assessment.

Aquatic assessment.

Sartori Environmental provides its clients with detailed environmental features mapping that goes beyond the scope of traditional EOA’s. Our field work and mapping is typically completed in the development planning phase and provides important insights into areas of potential environmental risks and constraints that may otherwise not be considered and helps to uncover solutions to environmental management challenges.

Environmental Overview Assessments typically identify:

  • Watercourses and wetlands
  • High-values aquatic and terrestrial habitats
  • Species at Risk
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Songbird and raptor utilization
  • Rare plants
  • Habitat improvement opportunity locations
  • Development constraints

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