Run of River Headpond in the Harrison watershed

Run of River Headpond in the Harrison watershed.

Sartori Environmental has been actively consulting in the Energy sector for over two decades. We have provided cost effective, professional environmental services to energy proponents that include:

  • Baseline assessments
  • Permitting, including water licensing
  • Development planning
  • Consultation with First Nations and Governments
  • Independent Environmental Monitoring (IEM) and regulatory agency representation
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP’s) and Environmental Protection Plans development
  • Long-Term Monitoring
  • Operational Environmental Management Program (OEMP) implementation
  • Habitat compensation consultation and design
  • Proponents Environmental Representative
  • Due diligence consultant
  • Proponent, Licensee, and Contractor environmental representation
  • Project management and planning consultation

Powerhouse on Culliton Creek, Squamish BC.


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