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Sartori Environmental has a broad range of professionals that can service diverse project needs. Our professional biologists and technologists are highly skilled in aquatic, marine, and terrestrial habitat assessments; Species at Risk assessments; regulatory permitting and approvals; environmental monitoring; training/education; emergency response; habitat enhancement design; Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessment; erosion and sediment control (ESC) planning; environmental development permitting/approvals; and project administration and reporting. Sartori Environmental’ staff are highly experienced with facilitating construction in sensitive environments and Sartori Environmental takes pride in the fact that we can work closely with project managers, engineers, construction personnel, architects, land surveyors and other consultants to suit project-specific needs at competitive rates. We have gained a reputation for delivering personalized and responsive service while achieving great results for our clients.

Sartori Environmental’ core values include:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY – Our livelihoods depend on the environment, and the protection of the environment depends on the professional and ethical expertise and advice that we provide to our clients and partnerships.
  • INNOVATION – We encourage and rigorously support our employees, partners and clients to innovate and to test adaptive solutions for complex environmental management challenges.
  • CLEAR COMMUNICATION – We believe that open and clear communications are integral to the implementation of effective environmental mitigation, the success of our client and partner relationships, and the overall success of the sustainable development projects in which we are involved.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – Our clients and partners rely on the expertise and experiences of our personnel; we are strongly committed to continual professional development of our staff and workflow systems improvement at all levels of our operations.


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